PINGUINO by Martin Dalponte


Story_This is a contemporary design of a traditional Argentine product originated in the 1930s. It is a product derived from the penguin-type wine jug to complement the tableservice during the asado ceremony.



Pareja pinguinos Martin Dalponte


Production: handmade production made in Argentina.

Material: 100% high quality ceramics.


  •  Pinguino Jug Wine (1 Liter):  black, blue, brown, green.
  •  Pinguino Jug Couple oil & vinegar (100ml):  black & white.


  •  Pinguino Jug wine (1 Liter): 21cm high x 10cm diameter.
  •  Pinguino Jug Couple oil & vinegar (100ml): 10cm high x 5cm diameter.

Brand_Martin Dalponte is an Argentine designer, currently director at Estudio Dalponte. He has been working as a professional designer since 1994. He has designed more than 200 products, both for private companies and for state agencies en various cities in Argentina. He also works for clients in other countries such as Mexico, Uruguay,Switzerland, India, Canada, Germany and the United States.

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