LAMPS 3D by Caracol

Story_A set of scenic lamps which aims to communicate the potential which may arise when innovation truly meets tradition. Inspired by the curves designed by a draft of wind on the Mediterranean Sea, featuring soft ripples and a slight twist. From the solid wood base, hand-turned by the artisan, the organic shape of the inserted diffusor stretches out sinuously with a particular layered structure which allows a gradual diffusion of the light in the ambience.The lamp itself is the most emblematic witness of the powerful combination of the traditional craftsmanship that sculpted the block of beech wood and the digital additive manufacturing process FDM that created a white PLA that seems shaped by a sculptor.



Product: Lamp 3D

Collection: Serie Eolica

Material: Organic white PLA; Solid beech wood

Electrical specs: Only LED max 20W; Lamp holder available in E14 – E12; CE electronic certification; EU plugs & UK adaptor; 1,5 m white cable; Light source is not included.

Authenticity: Every design comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, manually numbered, to confirm its real Made in Italy, by Caracol Design.

Brand | Caracol design combines the heritage and savoir-faire of our tradition master craftsmen with the excellent possibilities offered by 3D printing, delivering unique combinations of arts and materials in our products. A post-industrial, new Made in Italy. Wandering in a present, shifting between past and future, chasing new manners of making, on a seesaw among tradition and innovation, in equilibrium on that transient point of contact which is always there, always moving, always real. They dream it on the screen and we put it into print: not designers tout court, winking sympathetically to our tradition master craftsmen and their limits, we create something new in a new way, where design defines production and not vice versa.

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