FOULARD by Anarela
100€  130€ 

Story_Foulard handmade with collage techniche. Immortality, divinity, beauty, sin and time define the central axis of Anarela’s creations.



Anarela foulard


Product: Foulard handmade, made in Italy (collage techniche)

Collection: El Reino de los Cielos

Material: 100% sillk twill

Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm

Brand_Anarela is an independent printed fashion brand. Behind Anarela there is a sensitive artist and dreamer, who gives birth to a transcendental fantasy world out of a heap of paper clippings. An ethereal beauty that only exists in the eyes of those able to appreciate it. A universe of flowers, women, creatures and angels whose purpose is bringing out feelings to whom have entered into such fantastical realism.


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